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Matcha Complete Set

Matcha Complete Set

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Matcha Complete Set – Everything You Need to make the best Matcha!

This comprehensive kit includes:

  1. Matcha Glass Bowl: Crafted for the perfect Matcha preparation experience, our glass bowl allows you to appreciate the vibrant green hues of your Matcha.

  2. Matcha Whisk: Our traditional bamboo whisk is designed to effortlessly blend your Matcha into a frothy and smooth delight.

  3. Matcha Whisk Holder: Keep your bamboo whisk in perfect shape with our elegant holder, ensuring it dries properly and lasts longer.

  4. Spoon: A specially designed Matcha spoon for precise measuring, so you can achieve the ideal Matcha concentration every time

  5. Ceremonial Grade Matcha 30g: Pure perfection.

  6. Sifter: A sifter will unleash the full flavor potential of your matcha! This handy device helps you achieve a velvety smooth texture, free of any clumps.

Experience the art of Matcha with this thoughtfully curated kit. It's the perfect choice for both beginners and Matcha enthusiasts alike.

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