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Ceremonial Matcha 30g

Ceremonial Matcha 30g

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Ceremonial grade Matcha | 30g

🍃 High-Quality Origins:
- Our Matcha is cultivated in the pristine landscapes of Uji/Kyoto, where centuries-old traditions meet modern precision.

✨ Freshness Delivered to Your Doorstep:
- Your Matcha is freshly ground and packed in our Japanese factory, guaranteeing premium quality and unmatched freshness.

🇯🇵 Beware of Imitations:
- In today's market, discerning the real from the counterfeit is crucial. Many online platforms offer low-quality, Chinese Matcha at tempting prices, masquerading as Japanese. Rest assured, our Matcha is genuinely from Japan.

🌟 Unveil the True Matcha Experience:
- The allure of Japanese Matcha lies in its vibrant green hue, intricate flavor profile, and reduced bitterness.

💚 Matcha benefits:
- Japanese Matcha boasts higher levels of "Epigallocatechin gallate" (EGCG), a potent antioxidant found in green tea. Experience the difference in every sip.

🌱 Organic Excellence:
- USDA, JAS/OCIA, EU-BIO, and CANADA-BIO certifications guarantee that our Organic Matcha is pure and sustainable.

🌿 Ethical and Inclusive:
- Our Matcha is certified by U-KOSHER and HALAL, making it accessible to all. It's 100% VEGAN, NON-GMO, and GLUTEN-FREE for your peace of mind.

🏭 Factory of Precision:
- Rest assured, our Japanese factory holds ISO and HCAAP certifications, ensuring impeccable quality and safety standards.

📜 Documented Assurance:
- Certificate of Analysis (C/A) and Certificate of Origin (C/O) documents are readily available for all our Matcha products, reinforcing our commitment to transparency.

Discover the art of Matcha at Moba Matcha and indulge in the purest form of this Japanese treasure. Embrace the tradition, savor the flavor, and experience Matcha like never before. Welcome to the world of authentic Japanese Matcha tea.

Learn more about Matcha on Wikipedia:


How to make matcha latte 🍵 :

  1. Prepare warm water (70-80°C) It's really important to add warm water, not boiling because it will burn the matcha and you will be left with a bitter, burnt matcha taste.
  2. For better results use sifter. Sifting your matcha is another crucial step! This is to get rid of any clumps that may have formed.
  3. Add 2 (matcha spoon) scoops (2-3g) of ceremonial matcha in matcha bowl and sift matcha into your bowl.
  4. Soak your whisk in hot water. This step in crucial as it softens the bristles and allows your whisk to do its thing!
  5. Add a little bit of warm water (~30-60ml) 
  6. Whisk with matcha whisk in zig-zag motions, not circles, until frothy to get that perfection.
  7. Add additional 60-90ml of warm water, whisk a little and pour it into a cup.
  8. Heat 170-210ml milk. (Our best choice- Oat milk)
  9. Add milk on top of the matcha.
  10. Enjoy your matcha latte! 💚


❗️After opening, store in a cool, dark place or refrigerate!

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